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3D Printing For Material Handling

The benefits of 3D printing continue to expand, sparking new opportunities to create cost-effective solutions when it comes to material handling in a number of industries.

Diving into the automotive, medical, aerospace, tooling, electrical and manufacturing fields, additive manufacturing has enabled companies to use state-of-the-art technology and quality materials to produce a wide range of specialized applications using only a fraction of production time.

In addition to the cost and time savings, using 3D printing for material handling applications offers many benefits, such as:

  • No tooling required
  • Product teams can significantly accelerate product development cycles
  • The ability to produce designs quickly gives designers greater flexibility when testing multiple design options
  • Compared to CNC machining prototypes, 3D printing offers an inexpensive and fast option for creating parts. These parts can be made in a few hours, allowing for each design modification to be completed more efficiently
  • The production of parts only requires the materials needed for the part itself, with little or no waste — compared to methods cut from large chunks of non-recyclable materials — allowing you to reduce resources and material costs
  • Lýseon’s extensive experience providing prototype material handling products to various customers in multiple industries

We started Lýseon with just one goal in mind — to become a world-class additive manufacturing supplier adept at solving problems while offering low-volume production, quick-turnarounds and hometown service.

Lýseon also proudly offers design, engineering and project management solutions.

We are not just a 3D printing company — we are a solutions provider. Lýseon was recently recognized with the 2021 SmartZone Small Business of the Year Award.

For more information about 3D printing from the experts at Lyseon Additive Manufacturing, please contact us here or call us directly at 248.514.1829.