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If you have not heard about 3D printing, it’s time to learn more about it. 

Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing technology represents one of the revolutionary and potentially important manufacturing advances the world has seen in decades. 

Additive manufacturing helps companies create tools, parts and products faster, cheaper and with more precision than traditional methods.

Additive manufacturing offers numerous benefits for production, including: 

  1. Eliminating Tooling Challenges: While traditional tools have been the standard for centuries in manufacturing, they have their downsides. Tooling systems are expensive, time consuming, material-rich designed for very limited uses. These issues decrease efficiency and increase costs for factories. 3D printing removes many of these issues.
  2. Solving Traditional Problems: AM allows manufacturers to create tools and parts in house and to customize them for a specific use. This not only reduces the time it takes to acquire these items, but it lowers the costs for companies that are in constant need of new tools and supplies — while also improving the quality with customized solutions.
  3. Factory Floor Application: AM tools and parts allow for specific and more efficient use throughout the plant. AM tools can be created for specific use in areas such as product assembly, shipping and logistics, quality control, inspection and health and safety.
  4. FDM Technology: Fuse Deposition Modeling (FDM) is a technology that builds items layer by layer using a soft plastic filament. This creates a strong and durable thermoplastic that provides all of the strength needed to work on jigs and fixtures, and they are lighter than their metal counterparts.

For more information about additive manufacturing from the experts at Lyseon Additive Manufacturing, please contact us here or call us directly at 248.514.1829.