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Partnering With Mid- Michigan College

Lýseon Additive Manufacturing recently entered into an ongoing partnership with Mid Michigan College, designed to support students in the CAD program who wish to earn national certification in additive manufacturing. Lýseon’s support of this initiative aligns with their commitment to giving back to their community by creating jobs, fostering educational growth and helping young students find their passion.

“The CAD Program at Mid Michigan College has seen great success over the past 15 plus years related to graduation rates, employment rates and national certification,” said Eric Sander, Full Time CAD Faculty. 

“Our CAD Program graduates will leave MID with their CAD Associate Degree, SolidWorks CSWA national certification, and now, thanks to our new partnership with Lýseon AM and Stratasys, graduates will also be nationally certified in 3D printing and additive manufacturing.” 

Known as a solution provider, Lýseon has strived to give back to their community since establishing themselves in 2014, hoping that this new curriculum will inspire young minds interested in the additive manufacturing industry.

By donating a new professional-grade 3D printer to the college, Lýseon will be providing students with access to cutting-edge technology — helping them to gain valuable hands-on 3D printing experience.

Students at Mid Michigan will also receive the real world experience needed to flourish in the workplace, as Lýseon staff helps to mentor and guide students in actual community projects. By inputting training programs for both students and local workers looking to master additive manufacturing techniques, Lýseon only further strengthens their reputation as a world-class 3D printing supplier.

As well as helping to build a solid foundation for students interested in pursuing a career in 3D printing, the relationships built within this new program will ensure students are qualified to apply for job opportunities in the rapidly growing additive manufacturing industry.

For more information on 3D printing from the experts at Lýseon Additive Manufacturing, please contact us here or call us directly at 248.514.1829.